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 Naku Eurasiers Registered 

"Levi" Photograph Courtesy of Onnig Cavouk
Eurasiers are Germany's best kept secret and favourite house dog, they are an amazing family dog, affectionate, loyal, dignified, trainable, endearing, comical and beautiful plus much much more. In 1993, rather unexpectedly Eurasiers became a big part of our lives. We feel truly lucky to have discovered this amazing breed, they have found a permanent place in our heart and home, I couldn't imagine life without them.

This is how life with Eurasiers all started for us: While at a dog show in Luxembourg showing one of our Siberians, Paul was invited to dinner at friends of friends in France. After dinner the most amazing dogs and puppies came out to play in the yard, that was when Paul met his first Eurasiers. He was immediately enamoured with the breed and ended up coming home with a puppy. What a fantastic souvenier from his trip!

We are North America's breed founders, it was solely through our efforts that the Eurasier became a registered breed in Canada. Since we were now both smitten and couldn't wait to start showing Eurasiers in Canada, we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us, progress went well and it wasn't long before Paul was able to get through all the right channels and get the breed recognised and registered in Canada.

Showing dogs is our passion, we have many champions as we feel that showing our dogs is a great way to make sure our dogs have sound temperaments and good structure. A skittish or unfriendly dog would not do well at a dog show, nor would dogs that are not built right. While socialisation is a great way of ensuring that any breed of dog is confident and sound mentally, much of this is genetic and we pride ourselves in having dogs with great temperaments. We invite you to have a look at our dogs, enjoy. - Margaret Knight, Naku Eurasiers Registered

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